The black hole between policymakers and businesses

The black hole between policymakers and businesses

Md Joynal Abdin

The Financial Express on June 11, 2009

THE Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) is making yet another list of products for duty-free access to the Thai market. Due to lack of knowledge about what our businessmen are producing, no list could be prepared by desk-bound people in two meetings.

I think there is a shortcoming in the way we are moving. The EPB has requested the chambers and associations to supply the list. But no trade organisation has HS code-wise list of products that their members are producing on a large scale. As a result, we rely on our general knowledge and newspaper reports to trace the product we can export. An actual HS code identification of that product is quite difficult for us. In the first meeting we proposed that let us request the trade bodies to sit with their members who are producing the products and are capable of exporting with HS code. We took the decision to sit with associations concerned. The associations sent its officials to attend the meeting. But the officials like us are not the producers. As a result, they were unable to supply the list of code wise products. We are wasting the facility of duty free access to Thai market.

The officials involved with the process as well as the business people are interested to avail the duty-free market access to Thailand. What then is the obstacle? We would term it as a black hole between our policymakers and the businessmen.

The black whole is the lack of information, and our mentality to hide information. No information is available on the website of any company which produces and can export with HS code. Not only that, we have a tendency to avoid answering survey questionnaires. So we should change such mentality in our own interest. A researcher will not take my information to his grave. He is working to create business opportunities.




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