For a jam free city

For a jam free city

Md. Joynal Abdin

The Financial Express on September 6, 2009

The terrible traffic jams destroy the initiative and energy of the residents of the capital city who have to spend much of their time on the road. Much of the working hour of the city residents is wasted each day. Immediate action is required to improve the situation. A three-phase action plan could do it for the city. The action plan may be as follows:

Phase-1 (Short Term Action): In the short run, the government may fix up the duration for the buses to stop at each bus stop. It could be 30 seconds to a minute at a bus stop. Buses create traffic jam stopping at some of stops for long.

It could be made mandatory for buses to stop at specified bus stops, the authorities could reallocate at less busy spots. Different lanes for cars, rickshaws and buses can reduce traffic jams in the city.

The authorities must ensure that taxicabs and autoriskshaws ply on meter.

Phase-2 (Medium Term Action): In medium term, we may build small flyovers in all road crossings to facilitate non-stop traffic movement.

At the same time the government could press into service large airconditioned bus on the city roads so that people avoid using cars.

Phase-3 (Long Term Action): In the long term we can think of intra-city underground rail service to get relief from the jams.


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