Achievements and Recognitions

List of international publications recognized my contribution:

  1. Economic Commission for Africa (March 2011), “Capacity Building for International Negotiations and Trade Facilitation in the East African Community”. Link is
  2. International Finance Corporation, IFC (June 2013), “Financial Access 2012 – Getting to a More Comprehensive Picture”. Link is
  3. Graduate Assistant at the Grant Development Office of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (October 2012), “International Funding Resources”. Link is
  4. Ahammad, I.; Huq, S.M.U. (July 2013) “Women Entrepreneurship Development In Bangladesh Challenges And Prospects”, International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, Vol 2, Issue 7. Link is
  5. Akhter, T. (undated) “Do Institutions and Land-Use Change conflicts affect Land Degradation? Attestation through Different Observed Options, from the Selected Regions of Pakistan” Department of Business Administration, GIFT University, Gujranwala, Pakistan. Link is
  6. Baleinakorodawa, L. (2009) “Causes of truancy from mainstream education for a group of Pasifika students enrolled in alternative education”, Auckland University of Technology. Link is
  7. Chowdhury T.A.; Ahmed K. (2011) “An Appraisal of the Problems and Prospects of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Financing in Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Districts”, EWUCRT Working Paper no 4. East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Link is
  8. Asian Development Bank (2013), Developing Economic Corridors in South Asia. Link is
  9. Hossain, M.A. (2011) “Socio-Economic Obstacles of Women Empowerment in Rural Bangladesh: A Study on Puthia Upazila of Rajshahi District”, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.1, No.4. Link is
  10. Hossan, C.G; Sarker, M.A.R; Afroze, R. (February 2012) “Recent Unrest in the RMG Sector of Bangladesh: Is this an Outcome of Poor Labour Practices?” International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 7, No. 3. Link is
  11. Huq U. R.; Khan M.M. (2013) “The Supply Side Gaps and Opportunities of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh”, European Journal of Business and Management, Bol.5, No.28. Link is
  12. Hwang S. R.; Tsai C.W. (June 2013) “he Research on Japan’s Policy of Official Development Aid for the Governance of Ganges River in India (1985 – 2013)”, Doctor of Law Thesis, Graduate Institute of Mainland China Studies and Dr. Sun Yat-sen’ Thoughts College of Social Science, Chinese Culture University. Link is
  13. Islam, R. (2010) “Constraints of the Agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area and SAARC Agreement on Trade in Services Militating Against Sub-Regional Trade Proliferation in South Asia”, Brigham Young University International Law and Management Review, Volume 7, Issue 1, Article 2. Link is
  14. Kirungi, G. (2010) “Trade Negotiations in East Africa: The Necessity to Implement a Joint Trade Negotiations Body”, The Forum (Society for International Development). Link is
  15. Mukul, A.Z.A.; Rahman, M.A.; Ansari, N.L (May 2013) “Labor Law Practices in EPZ Area: An Impact of RMG Sector in Bangladesh”, Universal Journal of Management and Social Sciences, Vol. 3, No.5; May 2013. Link is
  16. Nargis, N. (June 2013) “An Analysis of Export and Import Growth of Bangladesh: A Study on Ready-Made Garment (RMG)”. Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 7, No. 1. Link is
  17. Rafiqul, I. M. (September 2010) “Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh”, OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 1, No. 8, pp. 77-83, 2010. Available at SSRN:
  18. Zaman, S. (November 2013) “Women in Business: A Study on the Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh”. World Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3. No. 6. November 2013 Issue. Pp. 175 – 188. Link is

International Recognition:

01. One of the Most Popular Bangladeshi Development Researchers, Ranked by the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC), 2508 Fowler Street, Falls Church, VA 22046-2012, The United States of America. Link is

02. One of the Top 64 Bangladesh Development Researchers of the Millennium, Ranked by the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC), 2508 Fowler Street, Falls Church, VA 22046-2012, The United States of America. Link is


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