Causes of unrest and sufferings of Muslims around the world

Causes of unrest and sufferings of Muslims around the world

Md. Joynal Abdin

The Independent on December 01, 2016


Muslims are the second largest population of the world. There are about 2.08 billion Muslims around the world. This is about 28.26% of the global population. Muslims are the followers of Islam. Literally it is the most peaceful religion of the world. It used to teach honesty, integrity, purity, helping others, respect others, allows others to practice their own religion with peace and security, so on and so forth. Let’s try to know the basic appeal of Islam taught in its Kalima (fundamental verses of faith). Someone is not Muslim if he does not conform to these basic principles. The principles are 1. Amantubillah: Faith to Allah that he is one and only source of every power. 2. Oamalaekah: Faith to the angle’s existence of they are the obedient servant of Allah. 3. Oakutubihi: Faith to all of the books sent by Allah. Kutubihi is the plural form of the word kitab means book, so kutubihi means all book. Here Islam is teaching its followers to respect all of the books sent by Allah to Adam, Musa, Isa etc. prophets. Therefore having respect to the Books of Christians, Jews and other Ahle Kitab (followers of books) is mandatory in Islam. 4. Orusulihi: Having faith to all messengers of Allah namely to all prophets. Rusul is the plural form of the world Rasul. So here all messengers / prophets are incorporated. Therefor someone is not Muslim if he/ she does not have faith on Ebrahim, Ismael, Yeakub all of the forefathers of the Jews, or on Isa the prophet to the Christians. 5. Oal Yeaomil Akher: Faith to the final Day of Judgment means the life hereafter and faith to face judgment for each of the actions of this life and receiving reward or penalty. 6. Oalkadri: Faith to the destiny / luck: Everything in luck good or bad is determined by Allah.

Not only this Islam teaches to take care of your neighbors then though he/she is a non-Muslim. Islam inspire to take care of all seek / ill people without classifying his nationality or race or religion. It is allowed to give Jakat (mandatory donation in Islam) to a non-Muslim to bear his medical expenses or food. It ensures equal treatment to all Muslims without dividing them into reach or poor, white or black, talk or short, Arabic or non-Arabic, Educated or uneducated, King or peasant. Core concept of Islam is to faith, fear and respect to Allah in every action of human life and following his messenger prophet Mohammad (Sal.) in every moments of human life. Islam allowed its follower to defend themselves but never inspired to attract / kill someone illegally. So, why Muslims around the world are dividing all of the diversified groups and fighting with each other’s, sometime with other community? Why they are being killed everywhere namely in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and very recently in Myanmar. What is the wrong in it? Why they could not live safe, secure in any peaceful land.

On the other hand there are about 60 Muslim States around the world. These are the Azerbaijan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Albania, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Iran, Pakistan, Bahrain, Brunei-Darussalam, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina-Faso, Tajikistan, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Syrian, Suriname, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Iraq, Oman, Gabon, Gambia, Guyana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Palestine, Comoros, Kyrgyz Republic, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, And Yemen. Most of the Muslim countries are fighting with poverty or terrorism in any form. Most of the Muslim countries are rolling by autocratic leaders without bothering about people’s expectations. As a result rollers are morally week and offering regional or global Super Powers anything they want against their role without thinking of country interest or greater interest of respective nations. As a result internal militia groups are raising and fighting with each other’s. The rolling segments used to deploy governmental power and state owned forces to keep them in power forever. It causes long run political unrest, terrorism in that particular country. Neighboring as well as global Super Powers used to take abnormal benefit out of it and supply arms to both the rival group to remain it unrest. This is the case in most of the Muslim countries. This internal conflict gives wrong message to the rival community and they take a hand as and when got chance.

On the other hand global media giants are owned by the anti Islamists. They took revolutionary campaign when a non-Muslim community is being suffered but ignores major sufferings of the Muslim community caused by non-Muslims. Current violence against the Muslim community of Myanmar is not drawing attention of the so called humanitarians either under the umbrella of the United Nations or the regional / multinational platforms like ASEAN, OIC, and Amnesty International etc. Global big brothers like the USA, EU, China, and Russia are practicing pin drop silence in this case of Myanmar Government’s massive genocide against Ruhingga Muslims. While they were over vocal in case of East Timor few years back and separated East Timor from Indonesia. Same is the case of Palestine and Kashmir.

Therefore Muslim world has to think with the issues why they are in danger everywhere on the earth. Who are responsible for this measurable situation? If Muslims are responsible then they must have to stop it and allow the world to be a peaceful living planet. If others are playing with mechanism to create conflicts in Muslim countries for their greater interest then Muslim leaders shall have to conduct free fair and credible research to identify the root causes and mitigate. Thus Muslim countries shall minimize the scope of external interference in respective country. If Muslim countries could be peaceful then other countries will be secure for the Muslim community automatically.

Let’s try to analyze few causes of Muslims sufferings around the world. These could be as follows:

  1. Absence of real sense democracy in most of the Muslim countries: Most of the Muslim countries are practicing monarchy, autocratic role, or impure democracy by involving mussel or arms power. As a result one community enjoys every facilities of the state and others are being deprived. This deprivation resultant of initiating rival groups at any format like political opponent, militia or terrorists etc.

  1. Internal Conflicts of Muslims: There are long lists of internal groups in Muslim community today. Some of them are Shiya, Sunni, Kadiani, Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Tabligi, Ahlehadith, and Hambuli so on and so forth. These internal groups are causing internal conflicts or breaking unity of the community. One part remains silent while others are in danger.

  1. Poverty and Lack of Education: Most of the Muslim families are suffering from extreme poverty around the world while others are enjoying possible best worth on the earth. As a result social safety net, access to food, access to health care, access to education is not ensured in any Muslim countries. As a result social parity increases and social unrest occurs. Ensuring education / skills for every member of the Muslim community could relief the community from existing unrest.

  1. Existence of taking revenge tendency: This generation of Muslim children experienced sufferings of Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Palestine war, Lebanese war, Kashmir conflict, Syrian war etc. Everywhere Muslims are somehow victims. General people’s sufferings resultants into hate for the non-Muslim attackers. Therefore taking revenge tendency grown up among the young Muslim child. Ensuring education and awareness could relief this tendency and ensure peaceful living with each other.

  1. Absence of a Great Leader: Muslim world if suffering from absence of a great leader for last century. This leader means Leading country or leading organization. OIC is a sleeping in some cases dead elephant failed to lead, guide, mentoring the community. Saudi Arabia is busy to retain their monarchy at any cost. Therefor they do not have much time to think about building capacity of Muslim people around the world. To through a dream to the Muslim children for becoming a great scientist, economist, lawyers, doctors so on and so forth.

  1. Not practicing the religion fully: Quran says that, Allah will appoint cruel ruler upon you if you do not practice my guidance fully. Today Muslim world is facing this forecasting of the holy Quran. To get back the peace and prosperity Muslim community shall have to get back to the holy book and practice it fully.

Internal conflicts, disqualified generation, greedy rulers, absence of a sweet dream about respective future are the major causes of unrest and sufferings of Muslim community around the world. Muslim leaders shall rethink their destiny and take necessary action to ensure skill development and sweet dream of the young generation for a prosperous tomorrow for the Muslim world. Sleeping OIC could be reinstalled by building its functional capacity to hold the community guide, mentor into a peaceful and capable Muslim world tomorrow. Otherwise this nation will be in danger to retain its existence in near future.


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Md. Joynal Abdin

Development Researcher, Columnist and Author

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